Theater in China

A branding and identity concept proposal for a leading Chinese independent media and entertainment agency's new cinema chain, which intended to launch a flagship in Beijing and later expand its cinema locations to multiple cities throughout the country.  

The proposal responded to the cinema chain's strategy to use innovations in points-of-sale, expanded programs, and new technologies to mark its identity as a recognizable brand - and to the company's desire to achieve flexibility in multiple locations with evolving program scenarios specific to each city.  

The typical A-to-B entrance sequence is fractured into multiple point-of-sale areas, facilitated by all infrastructure being relegated to the ceiling, and opening the floor for reconfigurable furniture layouts as needed.  Custom furniture and millwork establish the brand while identifying different zones within the theater that allow for independent operation of program areas and at the same time promote a dynamic synergy between programs and points-of-sale. 


Collaboration with Javier Haddad

Client: DMG Cinemas