A 3.2-acre site in Taos, New Mexico with views towards the Taos Mountains, utilizes an expansive sage and juniper field as a naturally-grown source for the production and tasting of wild-crafted spirits.  

The clients' desire to be able to transform the space typically to be used as a modest 50-person tasting room into a 500-person event and art space, shaped the inward siting of the production and event spaces on either side of an amphitheater.  

Depending on the scenario, the amphitheater can be used as an exterior park or art space - or becomes an extension of the event space - while its depressed siting obstructs the audience's views of the state road and towards the mountains beyond.

Excavated earth from the amphitheater is to be repurposed into the exterior rammed earth walls of the building, referencing the southwest vernacular, re-using local site-sourced materials, and providing thermally high-performing walls to condition the temperature-sensitive production and storage spaces.

2014-2015 Concept Design

2015-2016 Special Use Permit Approval

2016-2017 Preliminary Budgets/Fundraising

2018- Design

Total Area: 8,000 GSF

Client: Highborn Spirits